Set of 10 wooden Hoops for Hoopla (17cm diameter) [00063542] - 2193円 : レディースブーツ・ブーティ, キッズ & ベビーファッション, メンズショートパンツ, レディーススタンダードリング, ぬいぐるみ -

Set of 10 wooden Hoops for Hoopla (17cm diameter)

Hoopla or Hooplah is a game we're sure you'll recognise from fair-grounds and school fetes. The object of the game is to throw a hoop over some kind of prize. As it's mainly played for fun there are various ways you can approach the game. This is a set of 10 nice wooden hoops by themselves. These would work well with a table of bottles - hoop the bottle to win it...The rings are made in England; the wood is European and is from a sustainable source.おおよその寸法: Outer 17cm. Inner 16.1cm商品参照: 00H6W6
Hoopla - classic fair game. Ring a prize to win the prize.
Hoops must encircle the prize in order to win
Great for the bottle stall at your school fair



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