Set of 12 wooden Hoops for Hoopla (25cm diameter) [00063538] - 2025円 : レディースブーツ・ブーティ, キッズ & ベビーファッション, メンズショートパンツ, レディーススタンダードリング, ぬいぐるみ -

Set of 12 wooden Hoops for Hoopla (25cm diameter)

Hoopla or Hooplah is a game we're sure you'll recognise from fair-grounds and school fetes. The object of the game is to throw a hoop over some kind of prize that's conveniently propped up on a small target pedestal or block. As it's mainly played for fun there are various ways you can approach the game. We have sets with the blocks but sometimes only the hoops are required so this is a set of 12 nice wooden hoops by themselves. These would work well with a table of bottles - hoop the bottle to win it...The rings are made in England; the wood is European and is from a sustainable source.本ゲームは屋内外両方で使用可能ですが、防水・耐候加工はされておりません。(雨や高い湿度の環境で使用された場合には、保証ができかねる場合がございますのでご注意ください)おおよその寸法: 25cm diameterイギリス製商品参照: 0017K0
Hoopla - classic fair game. Ring a prize to win the prize.
Hoops must encircle the prize in order to win
Also available with wooden blocks and posts that are just the right size for these hoops



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